Ten Affordable Ideas to Improve Your Website

  1. Write articles
  2. Take Pictures
  3. Develop Short Videos
  4. Twitter
  5. YouTube
  6. Press Releases
  7. Trusted Directories
  8. Blog
  9. Google AdSense
  10. Affiliate Marketing

There are actions you can take (or inexpensively hire) to increase your website traffic and develop additional revenue streams. Use these ideas to develop trusted links back to your website and boost it's rankings in the Search Engines. Adding Google Adsense and affiliate marketing will help you capitalize on the increased traffic.

The first part of the plan is to develop content by writing, taking photos and shooting short videos. Of these, writing is the most important. Develop several articles of 600 to 1200 words and write two to three press releases. The Search Engines, especially Google, reward unique content. Don't be tempted to copy content from other websites, the Search Engines employ language algorithms to check for plagiarism. If caught, you will be penalized.

You will also want to develop a selection of 10 to 20 photos. Some cameras, like our tiny Nikon Cool Pix, will easily shoot short video clips. Shoot a video of your product, a tutorial based on your area of expertise, or a video about the area you're located in. Create two or three “homemade” videos that are a couple of minutes in length.

Once your content is organized it's time to load everything to the web and begin linking back to your main website. Start by opening accounts with Twitter, YouTube and Google. Keep a list of your account email addresses, logins and passwords.

Twitter - This is a unique blog site that allows account holders to post comments no longer than 140 characters. Set up an account and try and post some type of daily comment. Link back to your website when appropriate.

YouTube - Open an account and load up a couple of videos. Its easy! Review the videos once they are posted. On the review page, you can use the “annotate” button to add titles, comments and your website address. Use the time and location feature to map your location in Google.

Press Releases - Go over to PRWeb.Com and start an account. This site will allow you to submit your release to some websites for free. If you have important news, you may want to pay to extend your reach. Remember to include your email address and a link back to your website.

Trusted Directories - Find Directories (run a Google search) and add your website to them. Some Directories will be free, others will either require a fee or a link from your site to them. Many companies will do this for you for an inexpensive fee. Guaranteed Directory Submissions, at: http://www.addurltodirectories.com/, is an example of this type of service. Yahoo is one of the most popular directories. They charge a fee for a business submission. Dmoz.Org is a free Directory and worth the effort to get a listing.

Blog - If you don't have one, install one now! It's best to get a separate domain name and use the Blog site to link back to your main website. Take a large article and a couple of photos and post to your blog weekly. Try to also post a couple of comments daily, more if you can manage. Link back to your main website whenever appropriate. Most Blogs are set up so that the database automatically “pings” the Search Engines, notifying them of your post. Embed your YouTube videos into your blog. YouTube gives you the code making it very easy.

Google AdSense - Some websites can benefit from placing Google advertisements on their website. Early income may be small, but it will increase as your traffic develops. Go over to Google and set up an account. Once you're set up, click on Adsense. Google has a great tutorial on how to place their ads on your website. Payments start coming after you've accumulated $100 in your account.

Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketers receive commissions on traffic or sales they've referred. Get paid by Amazon.Com or other companies when a sale is made. Go over to CommissionJunction.Com and choose the products you want to earn commissions from.

This article works with a new trend in internet marketing called "Social Media Marketing." The Search Engines reward these tactics. There are many time-tested ways to increase the traffic to your website. For a successful website, add these ideas to a balanced marketing plan.

Commissions Tip:

Affiliate marketers receive commissions on traffic or sales they've referred. Get paid by Amazon.Com or other companies when a sale is made. Go over to CommissionJunction.Com and choose the products you want to earn commissions from. Website owners could also learn strategies from network marketing, which is very similar to affiliate marketing. Tom Mower is a network marketing veteran who can offer some tips.


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