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"We can create anything imaginable on the web."

We specialize in website design, database development, Flash animation, mini disc authoring and production, virtual reality photography, e-commerce, search engine placement, affiliate programs and email marketing campaigns. Our solutions range from award winning design to robust back-end systems which handle design changes, data transactions and content management.

Each site is built from the ground up using client specific and customized technology solutions. Whether you're a small business posting simple brochureware or a high-end e-commerce portal with specific requirements, we can offer new technologies and applications to take your business to the next level. Our database approach enables our customers to maintain control of their content without requiring any programming knowledge, allowing you to present timely information to your target audience.

KhalsaWeb takes the guesswork out of search engine placement and can guarantee placement within the top three positions of most major search engines under the keywords you select within seven days. These search engines include AOL, Yahoo, Netscape, Alta Vista, Lycos, and NBCi, representing nearly 90% of all search engine traffic.

Hosting with KhalsaWeb assures that your website has state of the art security insuring data privacy. Our redundant connections to the internet are supplied by UUNet, MCI and Sprint. This means our websites load fast and are backed by some of the largest companies in the nation.

KhalsaWeb's services are not limited to the internet. Imagine your clients reaction to a mini-disc presentation. These can be delivered through mailers, magazine advertisements and trade shows.

Get the strength of a proven full service technology integrator with the collaboration of a smaller design company. We satisfy the needs of your company and the experience of your visitors. Contact us to learn more about KhalsaWeb's web development services.

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