Promote Your Website

Major Search Engines and Directories

Choose the category you want to be listed under and then send the editor of your category and email, requesting a listing.


Site must have a title tag, description tag and keyword tag.



Only asks for URL.


All The Web

Asks for URL, select category and email address.


Alta Vista

Asks for URL.


AOL Netfind

First you must choose which category you want to be listed under and then submit your URL.


Ask Jeeves

To get into Ask Jeeves, send and email with your URL and a brief description of your website, no guarantee of acceptance.


Direct Hit

Wants URL, email address and keywords.



Asks for URL, email address, primary language of website, geographical location and has you select the most appropriate category.



Asks for URL and comments.




Asks for URL and email address and then tries to get you to sign up for several newsletters.



A new search engine that asks for URL and email address.



As of this printing Infoseek is accepting submissions by email,



Asks for your name, your email address, site name, URL, has you choose a category and give a 2 to 3 line description of your site.



Enter URL and email address.



URL only, may only resubmit after 7 days.



Asks for the URL, email address, page title and description.


Open Directory

First choose the category you would like to be listed under.


National Directory

Asks for URL.


Northern Light

Asks for URL, name and email address.



Wants URL and email address.


Simple Search

Asks for URL, allows up to 20 keywords or descriptive phrases.





Asks for URL, email address, primary language, geographical location and has you choose the most appropriate category.


What U Seek

Asks for URL, email address and the offers newsletter options.



Yahoo is a critical directory and difficult to get listed. The above link is to a tutorial explaining how to get a listing.