Most financial data transferred online is encrypted. 3rd largest category in internet fraud. Although you are not liable for unauthorized liable purchases, you may want to minimize the threat. Visa card holders can can create personal passwords that are supplied when making purchases- scheduled to go live before the holiday season gets under way. Pnly works if your bank is part of the verified program.


Privacy payments service by American express- generates random transaction numbers used instead of the charge card. Transaction numbers expire after a single use. You will have to generate a new number for every purchase.


Mastercard holders can create electronic wallets to store their credit card information, shipping address, and passwords. Software is at Users must provide ID and password to access wallet.


Microsoft Passport has a similar service, which encrypts credit card numbers 3 times.


Avoid giving out social security numbers or drivers license numbers, shop with reputable businesses that provide a secure server. Credit card fraud can be reported to