Effective Online Advertising


There are several forms of advertising online; banner ads (the most pervasive), keyword purchases at portals, search engines and directories, email campaigns and trading links.


Banner advertising used to be the most effective way to get your website noticed but with click through rates dropping to .04%, it is time to explore additional avenues. The company Net Ratings, attributes the change to “the evolution of web surfing into web searching.” The best way users can find you is if they are looking for you.


Active Media Research asked business what were their top rated promotional methods. The percentage is the response by companies for an excellent or very favorable rating:


49% Search Engines and Directories

22% Button Links

18% Online Press Releases

17% Reciprocal Ads & Links

10% Affiliate Programs

 6% Banner Advertising


Greenfield Online suggests that users are influenced by visually stimulating ads. Although the click through rate for banner advertising in the Big Bear Valley is well above the national average, you may see better results by animating your banner or “dressing it up” for the upcoming holiday season.


Currently the most effective way to get people to visit your website is to purchase keywords in search engines and directories. You can also trade links with non-competing friends. Some of the search engines are looking at the number of links coming into your website and using it to help determine your ranking.