Online User Demographics

Online user statistics have changed significantly in the past several years. The total number of internet users has grown from 76 million to 111 million Americans, and the number of users researching travel destinations has grown from 30% to 66%. According to the Pew Internet Research Project statistics, over 64 million Americans are online daily.

Below is a chart of the most significant things that are done on the internet by percentage of users:

Search for a map or driving directions 79%
Check the weather 64%
Buy a product online 56%
Look up a phone number or an address
Look for political news and information 48%
Get financial information 44%
Buy or make a reservation for travel 42%
Look for information about a place to live 29%
Make a donation to charity online 7%

The Pew Internet Project also found that more than eight in ten internet users go to search engines to find information on the web; and that approximately 33 million users present a search engine query every day.

ComScoreís Media Matrix has reported that MSN still has the largest unique visitor numbers followed by Yahoo and Google (people spent more time at Google than any other search engine).

If you have been holding off on building a website or adding e-commerce to your site, these statistics show that this is the time to get these projects going. It is also very important to be sure your listing in your Chamber of Commerce business guide is correct. If they offer a link back to your site, be sure to take advantage of it. Next to the Chamberís home page, their business guide is usually the next highest webpage visited by online viewers.