Online Banner Advertising


Why do people click on some banners and not on others?

There are several things you can do to make your banner more attractive.


Banner advertising is measured by “click-through rate”. Click-through rate is the percentage of page views, to the number of times a visitor clicks on the banner. If your banner is viewed 20 times and is clicked on once, it enjoys a 5% click-through rate.


To increase your probability of click-throughs, you want to make sure the viewer can understand the benefit of your offer quickly. If your message is vague and can’t be understood in a couple of seconds, the average viewer will move on.


Try to have your banner motivate the viewer with a call to action. Phrases such as, ‘Free’ or ‘Click Here’ have actually been very successful.


An animated banner can catch the individual’s attention, but you must still deliver your message quickly. You also need to be sure that the animation doesn’t have too large a file size, causing it to download slowly.


You may have noticed that some banners try to trick you into clicking on them. One popular trick is to create a banner that looks like it is part of the Windows Operating System. People click on it believing it is a system message. Using this method will mostly irritate viewers and is not recommended. You will produce better results by targeting your audience and delivering the correct message.


To increase your click-through rate:


1.      Identify your audience and make sure your message interests them.

2.      Be sure your message is clear.

3.      The banner should be catchy and simple.

4.      Optimize your banner’s file size for quick downloads.

5.      Have the page that the visitor clicks to, download quickly and be easy to understand.